What’s the best between laser tag and paintball?

If you are reading this article it is most probably because you are considering organizing a laser tag or paintball mission. Is it for a birthday party or just for having some fun with friends? The reason doesn’t matter, the good news is that whatever you choose, laser tag or paintball, you will have a really good moment. 

Let’s find out which is the best solution for you.


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Laser tag is a team game that can be played by children and adults in groups of around 4 participants. In this shooting game, players use infrared-emitting light guns to hit designated targets such as the opponents. The missions can differ considering the type of gun used, the chosen game, the number of the participants and the location.

The Guns: it is important to choose a gun set suitable for both indoor and outdoor missions and with a proper shooting range.

The Game: Laser tag missions include an infinite number of different games. The selection can be made considering the number of teams playing and their laser tag experience level. Just to mention a few, “Capture the flag”, “Capture & Hold” and “Team Elimination” are the most common ones.

The Number of Participants: this really depends on the company that will organize the game. The best is to contact them directly and check about their participant regulations. For instance, ValaisFun, accepts groups of a minimum of 8 participants in total and there are no limitations about the maximum number of players. 

The Location: Laser tag can be usually played indoors, or outdoors. Indoor arenas are usually preferred when the weather conditions do not allow an outdoor mission. Despite that indoor arenas are fully equipped with obstacles and barriers to make players live an authentic experience. Outdoor locations can include missions in the forest, on the mountain, in picnic areas and any other available place. Imagination is welcomed here! Finally, some companies also propose a laser tag at home


  • It is safe. Contrary to paintball, in laser tag, no bullets are thrown.
  • Indoor or outdoor arenas are available. The weather does not influence the mission.
  • It is the best idea for “out of the office” team building activities.
  • Many different games are on option. 
  • You can play as long as you want.
  • It is suitable for both kids and adults.
  • It is a very active sport and it can end in a full-body workout.
  • It is environmental-friendly.


  • If not played correctly, the hits can be difficult to detect. It is important that the laser tag company staff is always present to check that nobody is cheating for example by hiding the laser detectors on the gun or on the head.
  • The material is important. Before choosing the provider, ask them some questions about the laser tag gun set they are using.


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Similarly to laser tag, also paintball is a shooting sport that can be played indoors or outdoors by different teams. Differently from laser game, paintball uses spherical dye-filled gelatine capsules that explode upon impact to hit the opponents. For this reason, it is considered much more painful than laser tag. 

The Guns: Paintball guns take the name of paintball markers and can differ considering the style of play, tournament paintball or recreational paintball, the location and the game played. 

The Games: Also in this sport, the number of games that can be played is very wide, “Attack And Defend”, “Elimination”, “Capture the flag” are some of them. 

The Number of Participants: from 4 to a hundred people can participate in a paintball mission. All depend on the limitations imposed by the provider and the number of staff available during the game.

The Location: Paintball missions can be settled outdoors, or indoors in special predesigned areas and participants are usually wearing mimetic clothes to hide in the environment. 

Considering the high speed the paint bullets are thrown by the paintball marker, around 300 fps, 91 m/s It is indispensable for players to wear a helmet and goggles to protect their face. 


  • Exciting and competitive sport. The fact that gelatine capsule can hit your body, will make you be much more aggressive in the game than in laser tag.
  • Ideal for birthday parties and team bonding activities.


  • A bit painful if hit.
  • Not really environmental-friendly as color is spread all around.
  • Suitable for teenagers but not suggested for children younger than 15 years old.


A lot of fun is guaranteed with both of the options, laser tag or paintball. Before deciding, have a look at the providers you can find in your area and the outdoor and indoor option they propose. Have a clear look at the rules and regulations and make sure that enough staff will be present at the moment of the mission. Finally, consider if the participants are ready or not to feel a bit of pain. If this is not the case, go for the laser tag, safe, painless, clean and environmental-friendly.

Are you looking for a Laser Tag provider in Switzerland? Have a look at ValaisFun missions.

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