Laser Tag

Are You Looking For An Experience Full Of Adrenaline?

At ValaisFun we dispose of the most advanced equipment for you to enjoy each laser tag fight. 

This game is suitable for both children and adults. Unlike paintball, laser tag doesn’t include projectile throwing and that’s why it doesn’t hurt. 

You don’t need to know how to play Laser Tag already, it can be the first experience for you. We can choose from hundreds of missions suitable for beginners and experts.

We can organize the game outdoors, in the forest, in picnic areas in Valais, indoors, in sports centres or gyms or even at your home. In this last case, we will take care of the transport of the material and we will create a laser tag playground with inflatable barriers.

ValasFan Laser game


inflatable Park

What a better way to feel like a child again?

You will have the opportunity to try more than 10 different activities suitable for both children and adults. Do you remember the Twister game? Here, we propose it giant and inflatable. Have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of being a Sumo wrestler? We have 4 Sumo suits available, you can try to knock your opponent down. And again, gladiators, boxing rings, inflatables horses, giant tangram and much more.

Each game is played in complete safety and our monitors will always be available to organize matches and give advice on how to win the opponent. 

Again, the games can be organized outdoors, indoors or in your home.

inflatable Rentals

Do you prefer to organize the activity by yourself? You can rent our material!

ValaisFun also gives the opportunity to rent the inflatables.
According to your destination, we can take care of the delivery. Rentals are per day or per week.